Sunday, 28 May 2017

[Article] 170528 "Global BTS" successfully ends their South America and North America → South East Asia and Austrailia tour as well

Group BTS successfully ended their South America, North America, South East Asia and Australia tour as well.

BTS met over 90000 by opening their 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR on April 22nd and 23rd at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand, 29th at Convention Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia, May 6th and 7th at Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines, 13th and 14th at Asia World, Expo Arena in Hong Kong, and 26th at Qudos Bank Arena in Sidney, Austrailia. 

Just like the warm weather, the Asian and Australian fans showed the explosivly heated response. Fans gathered at the Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, overcrowding the airport to welcome and see BTS who were holding their first exclusive concert in Indonesia.

Over 2000 fans gathered to see BTS when they attended the BTS Bricklive Café at the large Hallyu Mall "Show DC" in Bangkok, Thailand.

Moreover, in order to get the best seats to watch BTS members who are visiting Sidney, Austrailia after 2 years at the concert, fans camped outside the concert venue two days prior to the actual show.

At the Sidney concert which was right after their winning at the "BBMA", BTS expressed their gratitude to their fans around the world who made it possible for the group to win the Billboard award and said, "We're grateful to ARMYs around the world, including the Sidney fans here today. This glory goes to all of you."

BTS who have successfully ended their South East Asia and Austrailia tour will continue their 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR ~JAPAN EDITION~ from May 30th in Osaka until early July. 

Meanwhile, BTS surpassed other worldwide artists at the most prestigious pop music award ceremony, US "Billboard Music Awards" and became the first KPOP artist to win the "Top Social Artist" award, rewriting the new pop music history in Korea.

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[Article] 170131 "V APP" BTS, from Suga dressing up as a girl to the top student ... A fan recruiting skit

BTS presented a school skit.

On the 31st evening, BTS revealed "Run BTS! 2017 EP 11" on portal site Naver's V APP. BTS aroused the viewers' curiosity when they appeared in a classroom.

"Run BTS!"  is a reality show presented by BTS in 2015. A new season began in 2017. BTS presented a skit on their first episode of the new season.

The producing staffs prepared a skit with scripts for BTS who felt pressured by the skit they did last year. This is the first official acting for BTS as a whole group.

BTS selected their role by a random draw. Suga played the new transfer female student, Jungkook played the tsundere boy high school student, Rap Monster played the role of a sweet yet silly friend, V played the role of the top student, Jin the idol of BTS high school, Jimin the class president with an angelic smile, and J Hope played the role of an emotional literature student.

Suga expressed his determination for his role, "I have several images inside me all the time. I will show you a method acting.". J Hope said, "I will try to look calm and pure.". The members prepared their acting to express their own characters.

Suga transformed into a girl for his "new transfer female high school student" role. When the skit began, Suga appeared in class and other members began their acting to capture Suga's heart.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

[Article] 170121 "Jungle" Jin, I can promise you that this is a fan recruiting show of BTS eldest hyung

If you considered Jin merely as the visual eldest hyung of group BTS, your thought will change when you watch "Law of the Jungle".

On the January 20th broadcast of SBS variety show "Law of the Jungle in Kota Manado", the Jungle family are given the "Survive without ___" mission. 

They had to fish in the middle of the sea and sleep on a floating house. Their survival on the sea was intense. When the family moved to land, they presented various scenes. The family divided into two groups, Land team and Sea team to find food. With Chief Kim Byungman as the leader of Sea team, the "Little Kim Byungman" JinGong Brothers, Jin and actor Gong Myung joined forces.

[Article] 170125 We didn't recognize him because he's from BTS, the rediscovery of "Hwarang" Kim Taehyung

"We needed an innocent nd bright image. We needed an actor with unique charm to express the pain behind the birth story of the many-sided character." (Yoon Sungsik PD)

Not many people expected much from his acting when BTS V stood in front of the audience for the first time as actor Kim Taehyung. He received sarcastic remarks on how idol actors easily take over characters with prominent roles and most importantly, people were worried for his first acting and for this first attempt in a historical drama.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

[Article] 161227 BTS's successful growth as the "Daesang Boy Scouts"

They swept the "Album of the Year & Artist of the Year" awards at Melon and Mnet.

In just two months "WINGS" records 710,000 sales.
They receive great responses from Billboard and Youtube

Their tickets for Gocheok Dome concert in February 2017 are sold out
Even the tickets for North and South America "WINGS" tours are sold out

Idol group BTS's dream became a reality. BTS won the "Album of the Year" and "Artist of the Year" awards which are equivalent to the Daesangs at this year's Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asia Music Awards, now they're the "Daesang Boy Scouts". Their achievement shines brighter because they have won these awards in just 3 years since their debut and they are not from a big company. They are the first artist from a company other than the big 3 entertainment companies like SM, YG or JYP to win the MAMA Daesang.